Yahoo: The World's Worst Website

By Plopilpy

I can't fathom the stupidity that is behind Yahoo!. Yahoo! has ruined many aspects of the web, and is getting continually more braindead by the minute. If this goddamned thing had stayed as a search engine, we would all be moderately pissed off at how bad it is, but it wouldn't affect our lives. But nooooooo, Yahoo had to be all special and not only bought Geocities, but they later allowed Verizon to purchase their company too. Now, you gotta see that Yahoo is like the opposite of King Midas. Everything that they touch doesn't turn into gold, it turns into shit. When Verizon bought Yahoo and AOL, it merged the two into one big lump of dog turds and called it a night. Why would Yahoo agree to this? Because their company was a failing trainwreck! Poor financial descisions led to its' doom. You wanna know why ELSE Yahoo is bad? They're the reason that you're reading this page right now! Neocities! If Geocities hadn't been bought up, there wouldn't be a bajillion fucking sites scrambling to archive all of the dead pages which people put love and care into before Yahoo ruined it all.