The Oil Manifesto

By Plopilpy

It is with such great certainty that I believe that the coating of an individual in Oil is an art form, not simply an action. For generations, we have been entertained by the concept but have never taken the time to appreciate it. To "Cover yourself in oil" is no different than "Waking up from a dream". Your mind gets ready for an experience which it has to strain through, but the end outcome is greater than the struggle. I believe, with all of my mind, that we can begin to study the foundation of our very footsteps and take the lead in breaking down this sentence. Taking the time to appreciate, study, observe, and bask in its' mysterious, art-like form. Covering one's self in Oil is not a task, it is a step. It has no story, but it has a meaning. It is something that we do every day but we do not notice the superiority of this phrase in comparison to our average daily chores. Most of the members of our society base their opinions about Covering yourself in Oil on prejudice. This is wrong. Very, very wrong. It is almost offensive. We cannot continue to ignore how beautiful this object is, nor how hideous it is in concept. It is not an art form, more so an art piece.